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Intelligent Personal Healthy and Safety Domotic Monitoring 


Il progetto

The IPHSDM project – Intelligent Personal Healthy and Safety Domotic Monitoring – aims to develop an intelligent and distributed technological infrastructure for remote and personalized home monitoring of people’s health and well-being through an integrated Smart Wireless Sensor home automation network connected in the cloud with a centralized system.

Project funded by the Smart Living call of the Lombardy Region which aims to support Development and Innovation projects carried out by partnerships in the Construction, Wood, Home Furnishing, Appliances and High-tech sectors in collaboration with the University system, aimed at the introduction of new or improved products, processes and services from a technological, productive and organizational point of view, to enhance the theme of “Smart Living”.

Decree n. 14782, 11/24/2017

An innovative infrastructure

The project aims to create an innovative infrastructure for remote and personalized home detection of people’s health and well-being, composed of several elements:

  •  Wearable sensors, characterized by artificial neural networks designed for embedded and low-power systems enabling remote monitoring and / or evaluation of general conditions and health status of the person
  • Wireless home automation network in Internet of Things (IoT) mode integrated by a domestic gateway
  • Artificial distributed intelligence based on machine learning methods: smart sensor detection of single sensor and home network (hub) with progressive learning managed by the cloud and incremental collaborative customization
  • Open protocol but with high security for the integration of new sensors and devices
  • Centralized remote management system for home automation networks with pull (interaction data retrieval for learning) and push (configuration and update) interaction capabilities
  • Specific web and mobile interfaces for the verification of health status and alert communication for the single actors involved (assisted, domestic assistants, family and social circle of proximity to the assisted, operators in charge of remote home assistance)
  • Model of reference studied use-case in collaboration with experts elderlies’ assistance
  • Availability of the overall system in cloud mode for remote home care service providers according to a Software as a Service (SaaS) paradigm
Elderlies or lonely people with normal cognitive ability who, through a remote home assistance service provider, could have guaranteed 24/7 surveillance of their physical condition and, more specifically, of the detection of falls within the domestic environment.

Family and Social circle of the monitored subject that could be alerted in case of fall of one’s beloved.


The subjects involved will be multiple

First aid services – 112 and 188 – which will be contacted via service provider in the case of irreparable fall, thus becoming the recipients of the alert.

Project partner

The partnership linked to the initiative includes numerous subjects involved in different fields, coordinated by the University of Pavia, the Project Leader.

Safety, Care and Wellness

Our values